Case Types

The Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal has jurisdiction to consider and hear the following types of cases.

Pursuant to Section 47 of the Act, An Appeal against an administrative penalty by the Commission or any Sector of Specific Regulatory Authority in a regulated industry may be referred to the Tribunal for determination.

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The Commission is mandated to investigate and make decisions on issues relating to mergers/acquisitions. Merging parties may appeal to the Tribunal to reconsider the Commission’s decision to prohibit or conditionally approve a merger. The Tribunal then adjudicates on the matter and makes a decision.

Parties to a proceeding may decide to settle out of the Tribunal or with the Tribunal’s ADR. Prior to when the Tribunal confirms these agreements they are referred to as consent orders.

The Tribunal may review any decision from the exercise of the powers of any Sector of Specific Regulatory Authority in a regulated industry from the Commission in with respect to competition and consumer matters.

The Tribunal may grant interim relief pending the determination of the matter before the tribunal.

Application for enforcement of order/judgments pursuant to Section 54

The Tribunal may adjudicate over claims for damages actions where an individual or company can seek redress for loss suffered as a result of an infringement under the FCCPA.