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The Competition Commission is the investigative and prosecutorial authority that investigates complaints regarding anti-competitive conduct or other complaints from consumers.  

CCPT is a quasi-judicial body responsible to hear appeals from or review any decision of commission taken in the cause of the implementation of any of the provision FCCP acts as may be refers to it

Hear appeals from or review any decision from the exercise of the powers of any sector of specific regulatory authority in a regulated industry in respect of competition and consumer protection matters.

The Competition Tribunal is in effect a court of first instance in all competition matters, adjudicating on and providing remedies in respect of complaints …It also acts as an appeal body in matters over which the Competition Commission has decision-making authority such as intermediate mergers and exemptions. It may impose remedies such as prohibiting a merger, imposing interim relief, levying administrative penalties and ordering divestitures, etc. Decisions of the Competition Tribunal can be appealed to the Court of Appeal,

The Competition Tribunal consists of a chairman and six other members who are appointed the president subjected to confirmation by the senate and other key supporting officers employed by the tribunal 

The governing rules are the competition and consumer protection tribunal procedure 2021

Any private party can file a complaint with the Competition Tribunal. However, it can only file a complaint as an appeal with the Competition Tribunal after the Competition Commission has investigated the complaint and a decision issued.

The Competition And Consumer Protection Tribunal proceedings are quite informal and private parties can represent themselves, should they wish. However, since the law is complex, it is strongly advisable to have legal representation.

Yes. Any party to a proceeding may, within stipulated period, after the Competition Commission issued its decision, on written notice and in the prescribed form, request the Competition Tribunal to reconsider or review the decision of the commission or from other sector of specific regulatory authority.

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